sleepyBoard - v3

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Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.23.43 PM.png

sleepyBoard - v3


The sleepyBoard is an Arduino-ready prototyping board that makes it easy to build your own Arduino with an Arduino bootloader programmed chip and a few other components. It is not IC specific meaning you can use it to prototype many different circuits. It's also the perfect size for an Arduino shield. 

sleepyBoard features:

• Hole configuration is similar to standard breadboard for easy movement to soldered prototype.

• 5 connected positive rows and 5 connected ground/negative rows

• Ready for ATMEGA processor with Arduino bootloader. Header pins allow for FTDI connection. A functional Arduino board can be created for under $10. Pin functions are silkscreened.

• Designated locations for DC power jack, voltage regulator, battery, power switch, and capacitors.

• White space to label your project.

• Large holes at corners can accept mounting hardware.

• Easily add header PINs and mount board to Arduino UNO for an instant shield.

• Solderable from both sides.

• Trances repeated on both sides to reduce instances of broken continuity.

• Classroom tested for more than 4 years!

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