Curriculum: Design and Technology

Course Description (9th Grade + Team Taught):

This yearlong course explores the many facets of design and the infinite possibilities of building forms. Creative problem solving through explorations in design principles and hands‑on experience serve as the groundwork for advancement in later courses within the Technical Arts and well beyond. This cross‑disciplinary course emphasizes skill building, collaboration, critical thinking, and hands‑on building. During the first part of the course, students learn the basics of three‑dimensional and computer‑aided rendering, as well as the history of design through the lens of contemporary examples. In the second part of the course, these new skills will be used to design and build a lamp utilizing the materials, tools, and techniques within four shop disciplines (wood, metal, circuits, programming/laser cutting).  Finally, during a segment called Community Build, students build a collaborative project based on the needs of a local individual.