Cultural Exchange in Keur Sadaro, Senegal

During the summer of 2007, a group of faculty from Drew School and Lick-Wilmerding High School traveled together to Keur Sadaro Senegal to assess the needs that could be realistically accomplished in this village. Led by Drew’s Dean of Faculty, Jacques Cusin, this team met with various members of the community including elders, women and school authorities to determine what projects would be pursued. The result was a 3-year service learning and cultural exchange commitment by Drew School, Lick-Wilmerding High School and the village of Keur Sadaro.


YEAR 1 (2008): 

  • Irrigation of a garden for the benefit of the school
  • Restoration, cleaning, lighting and painting of a former Peace Corps building for use as a clinic.
  • Solar lighting for some public spaces.
  • Repairing the leaking school roof
  • Repairing school desks
  • Collecting data about the health needs of the village

YEAR 2 (2009):

  • The school garden: Over 40 trees planted, 70 tomatoes planted, stone path lined path created, fertilization, garden education.
  • School repairs: New roof on the director's office, 25+ student and teacher desks repaired, class windows repaired, secure computer charging station created.
  • School solar installation: 200 watts of solar panels and maintenance free batteries running fluorescent lights and charging up to 18 computers.
  • Computer Training: In depth OLPC computer training sessions offered to students and teachers.
  • Community health counseling and medication distribution.
  • Vision Testing
  • Local contractors employed to build a garden wall, school courtyard canopy, and chicken coup.

YEAR 3 (2010):

  • Expanded school garden
  • Additional school repairs and teacher's desks installed
  • School library created
  • Additional Computer Training
  • Women's center with sewing machines created
  • Community health counseling and medication distribution.
  • Vision Testing
  • Solar lights donated
  • Local contractors employed to build preschool classroom

Gratitude to the adults that have organized this project and/or helped to made it happen: Jacques Cusin, Katarina Cusin, Daouda Camara, David Clifford, Mariel Triggs, Kate Boyd, Johanna Cusin, Erika Solis, Thelonious Johnson, Jenny Nauss, Anton Krukowski, Cristal Ogletree, Tom Wadbrook, Jonathan Mergy, Sam Cuddeback and Dr. Al Adams.

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