Electronics Kits for School is Open

In the spring of 2009, as well as in the spring of 2010, I worked with students at Lick-Wilmerding High School to design and create inexpensive electronics kits and project instructions for use by science teachers in Afghanistan. The project was conceived after a chance encounter with Marianne O' Grady at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum during the 2008 Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul exhibition. Marianne runs an NGO called School is Open with a mission of delivering much needed science supplies and training to teachers in rural Afghanistan. A total of 70 of these kits were created and donated for delivery and use in Afghanistan.

The kits contain breadboards and a variety of parts for basic experiments. They are coupled with student designed, primarily visual, instructions. Each kit has two AA rechargeable batteries and a 3v solar panel for charging. 

A special thank you to Marianne O' Grady for delivering, explaining the kits, and taking the site photos above. Please visit her site and blog; She's doing amazing (and dangerous) work! Thank you to Carrie Maslow for assisting on the facilitation of this project.