Curriculum: Sustainable Energy 

Course Description (10th - 12th Grade):

Combining concept, technical information and scientific experimentation this course explores the many alternative and renewable methods for generating energy.  We begin by discussing sustainability and energy efficiency as they apply to energy use and generation.  With an emphasis on collaboration, students create projects using solar panels, hydrogen fuel cells, bio-fuels, and/or other “alternative” energy technologies.  Presentations, videos, experiments, and research will accompany projects and enlighten students to the current developments in energy production and with an eye on the long-term needs of our global society.  Although this course takes place in the Electronics Shop, and relies heavily on electronic technology, it does not require any specific prerequisites.

Topics / Projects:

  • Introduction and Discussion on Sustainability and Related Current Events
  • Energy Efficiency: How to measure and calculate energy.  How much are you using?
  • Sustainable Energy Types : Student Research and Presentation
  • Design and Build: Portable Solar Charger
  • Explore Fossil Fuels: Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal
  • Design and Build: Turbines, Alternators, Electro-Magnetics
  • Energy Policy: Cap and Trade, Green Energy Subsidies, Governmental Roles
  • Group Choice Projects: Human Power / Fuel Cell / Solar / Micro wind / more…

Written Instruction (sample):

Course Syllabus 
Portable Solar Project Handout

Energy Policy Exercise