72u : the First Half

I say this with positivity: 72u is kicking my ass. I definitely did not know what I was getting myself into. Each day has been filled with design reviews, presentations, guests and loads of collaboration. The team of us, seven in all, have all come from different disciplines: computer engineering, graphic design, and industrial design to name a few. If we can pull it all off, by the time the experience is over, we’ll have completed five different projects. At the halfway point, we’ve already completed two, and are part way through two others. The final, and most involved project has had a long ideation phase but we finally have a concept! Here’s a summary of what we’ve been working on:

A short film produced in one week (linked to in the blog post below).

Everyone on set.

Actors. Photo by Alex Schreer

A wearable electronic device - called LOCU - that tells you when you are in the ideal environmental conditions for creativity.

Alex's industrial design wizardry

Maria presents packaging ideas.

A commercial coffee campaign (the details of which I cannot share at this time).


A daily interactive data visualizer for a Girls Academic Leadership Academy (GALA).

Sample visualization

Kiosk concept drawings

A social installation based on the topic : Avocado as a symbol of democratized luxury.

Maria and Sara working on some test "food porn" sets.