Creative Code Fellowship Week 3: meetings, frameworks, and A Fat Quarter

This was an exciting week for the Bay dataFabrics project. I've further focused my concepts and fabric themes. My current summary and public presentation is here. I had a productive meeting with CCA fashion/textiles graduate student Timothy Ho. We discussed a possible collaboration if I can stick to my fabric production timeline. I also had a lovely meeting with Allison Arieff of the amazing organization SPUR. Allison gave me some useful feedback and agreed that housing, transportation and labor are all top socio-political topics to discuss through the dataFabrics. I'm looking over a number of SPUR publications now and will likely ask specific departments for some data sets in a week or so. 

I've sent my first sample design to Spoonflower as a test. I'm getting a fat quarter of organic cotton knit with the clipper card design (below).

The processing framework is coming along and has many new features and as well as an expanded symbology. Notably new: The Fitbit/Apple watch fist bump and the $900 a month AIRBNB tent. Here are a few samples: