Creative Code Fellowship Week 4: More complexity, more data

Most of my progress this week involved adding more complexity to the fabric pattern generation tool. There's still a significant gap between the harsh edges of the vector graphics and the organic look of the actual block print fabrics. I added some background textures, like a generative batik pattern that I think helps bridge this gap. I also added the ability to better visualize the data by printing the first 20 or so data points, as well as the title of the .csv file, at the bottom of the application window. I've added some rental and home value data to the mix.


I've contacted Recology to try to get some data on e-waste collection which I would like to incorporate into my design about wearable technology. This short video from TechCrunch reinforced my worries about the short life these technologies. I'm really looking to incorporate more data sources this coming week. 

I also have some new imagery that attempts to mash up web development logos with Mission vending (burritos, ice cream cart, flowers).

Background data: San Francisco average monthly rents from 2009 - May 2015 (data from RentJungle)

I also added the ability to combine multiple graphics:

Same data encoded in circular pattern.

Same data encoded in circular pattern.

Same data as sine waves.

My first sample fat quarter from Spoonflower comes tomorrow!