Creative Code Fellowship Week 5: New Symbology

This week I focused on expanding the symbology collection available for the fabric designs. I expanded and refined the Mission vending / Web development mash-up series to include: Javascript burrito, D3 flower arrangement, CSS tamale, and HTML ice cream cart.

I expanded the competing transportation series, which now includes: Muni/Vanhool buses, App car service/taxi, and self-driving car / California high-speed rail.

I received my first fabric sample, with which I am happy, the only exception being color vibrancy. I believe this has to do with the porous nature of the organic cotton knit.

I've submitted three more designs which I am printing in larger quantity to see how the designs scale and tile. I am also trying two different fabrics and the lower design as wallpaper.

$900 tent with wifi. Data: San Jose average rents over the last 5 years.

Mission Street condo. Data: San Francisco rents over the last 5 years.

Self-driving car VS. California high speed train (race).  Data: Number of people that commute alone in their car from various Bay Area counties to Santa Clara county. The biggest orange box (which doesn’t even fit the frame) represents inner Santa Clara County commuters. 500,000 people commute alone in their car within that county alone!